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Celtic Drains is a local, family run business with more than 10 years experience of drainage solutions from unblocking drains to installing drainage systems. We are field experts in waste water management and have the solutions to all your drainage problems.

Celtic Drains prides itself on being able to resolve most issues on first visits.

All hours service

We offer a genuine 24/7, 365 days-a-year emergency response that is both professional, reliable and friendly. So do get in touch and call any time of the day or night, as we are happy to help you.

We offer all aspects of drainage unblocking, cctv survey, maintenance repairs much more for domestic and commercial properties.


Has a blocked drain left your senses obliterated? Need a responsive, trustworthy, cost effective and reliable service to clear the blockage? Let Celtic Drains help you accomplish that with our drainage repairs and maintenance service in Cornwall. You’ll get rapid assistance from our qualified team to ensure your home is safe from the dangers of raw sewage and that your senses are rescued.

CCTV Surveys

Using the latest technology and high-resolution cameras, we are able to conduct CCTV drain surveys in Cornwall. These enable us to inspect and assess the condition of entire drainage systems, exploring the depths with digital imaging equipment. The survey helps us identify leaks, blockages and damage in real-time, as well as asset mapping. Whether there is a collapsed pipe or tree root ingress, our expert technicians can quickly find and solve the issue, providing you with an honest and thorough report.


We will help ensure your drains are free-flowing and fully functioning using our high-quality jetting equipment. Celtic Drains are able to save you time and money by having regular preventative maintenance. You can have any defects identified and repaired before they become more serious and expensive. No matter where you are in Cornwall, we are on hand to keep your drainage problems at bay.


Furthermore, in the unlikely event a drain needs to be excavated, our adept team are fully trained and qualified to take on the task. Excavation is the process of digging out a hole or trench to access the system. In rare cases, excavation is required when the issue is impossible to fix without direct access. In most cases, our engineers can use no-dig methods in order to repair any damages. Our dedicated team is available for emergency drain repairs around the clock, so why not give us a call?

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We are field experts in waste water management and have the solutions to all your drainage problems.

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